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Phantom pilots and haunted airports of northern Alaska


Here in the cold sub-arctic there are well known haunted airports, hangars that echo with the sounds of invisible footsteps, and phantom planes that regularly take off from runways which no longer exist and where - decades ago - tragic plane crashes happened - crashes that often resulted in a catastrophic loss of life for pilots and their crew and those living on the ground. For some peculiar reason the number 28 has kept cropping up in some of these accidents. In fact 'recurring numbers' are a well recognized phenomenon that has no name, and there are countless numerology websites dedicated to the mystery of recurring numbers and what their appearance in your lives may mean. So read these stories and see if you too can notice the amazing numerical pattern - is it just coincidence or could it be something else?

Our team of parapsychologists and paranormal experts have had the opportunity of visiting those sites and spending time where some of the most tragic crashes happened - such as the ones inside Fairbank's own Fort Wainwright military garrison and at US Air Force Base Eielson which is located outside North Pole. Where possible our experts have made reports on what they discovered at those places and we include some of them here for you to read.

Crashes involving loss of life always have an impact on Alaskan civilians: they remember the cases for years and pass those stories onto their children because Fairbanks is a close knit community that has forged strong links with the military and the air force personnel who contribute to the local economy, they use the local stores and they send their children to the area's schools and you'll discover that sometimes, when they die here, they stay on here as our ghostly guests!


The late afternoon of January 29th 1989 was bitterly cold with a temperature of minus 46. A sharp brittle frost hung in the air. As the hands of the control tower's clock crept around to 6.47pm the staff watched the skies intently for the second of the three Canadian armed forces C-130 Lockheed Hercules that was due to land at any moment.

The three Canadian Hercules left Edmonton in Canada 5 hours earlier, they were headed to Alaska to participate in Operation Brim Frost - an annual exercise involving air crews from around the world. But at 6.48pm there was a collective gasp of horror inside the control tower: the staff realized that the second Lockheed C-130 had abruptly disappeared from the radar screen, where had the plane gone? Among those on board the second craft of eight crew and ten paratroopers were Warrant Officer Joseph Arsenault, 33. Cpl Joseph Paul-Emile Castoguay, 36. Master Cpl Louis Papineau-Couture, 40. Master Cpl John Mackinnon, 35. Capt Robert Allen, 24, Cpl Paul McGinnis 24, Cpl Lee Wright, 26, Navy Lt Richard Moore, 37, and Master Bombadier Donald Smith 28.

Seconds later the sound of an almighty explosion rocked Fort Wainwright - in the thick cold fog the Lockheed had misjudged the height of its approach and descended too early, it hit a massive snow bank and crash landed 300 - 600 feet short of the runway, probably due to "Black Hole" phenomena which happens when air crews experience spatial disorientation and start to descend dangerously below the descent profile. Control tower staff radioed the third Lockheed, it was just seconds from landing right on top of the crashed plane. It was told to urgently alter course and head straight for Fairbanks International airport to the left of the city.

Within just a few minutes emergency crews reached what was left of the shattered plane but it was too late: nine crew members had perished on impact and - miraculously nine survived and were struggling to untangle themselves from the debris of twisted metal and smoking jet fuel. And now - all these years later, it is said that every year on the evening of January 29th around 6.48pm the same ghostly scene is re-enacted as the huge grey Hercules comes in to land; smashes into the snow bank with a terrific thud, and explodes in a powerful shower of firey red sparks and curling wisps of black smoke. An eerie explosion booms out all around the runway near the rear of Fort Wainwright and as the evening frost begins to clear the thin transparent figures of the nine crew who died begin to materialize as phantoms in the snow! Our paranormal expert Ted Carmichael visited Fort Wainwright every day for ten months and continues to do so til this day because his report makes one thing clear: the atmosphere in Wainwright is so unsettled that it practically quivers with energy, almost as if an invisible rip has torn the very fabric of time itself apart for a full quarter of a mile radius around the crash site. Ted has seen the ghostly forms of the men and their plane and heard the terrifying howl of wind rushing past as the ill fated air craft makes it descent where it crashes into the snow bank - condemned for all time to repeat the accident over and over again.


As 28 year old Lt Alfred F Pounder climbed into his F-84F fighter jet at lunch time on November 29th and waited on the runway at Eielson for clearance he was feeling pretty confident and looking forward to his routine flight.

Alfred was young, but experienced, and could have had no inkling of the tragedy about to occur: within the next few minutes he and fourteen other people would be dead including newborn baby triplets Dale, Donald and David Fimple who lived with their parents in one of the many houses on the air base.

It was lunchtime when Alfred got the all clear. He taxied up the snow covered runway and engaged the throttle. Later, shocked witnesses saw the F-84F take off then struggle to gain altitude - the wings appeared to be crippled, and the plane veered straight towards the base housing. The result was catastrophic: as the plane crashed it sent burning jet fuel everywhere and incinerated bystanders on the ground. The parents of Dale Donald and David Fimple were burned and had to be dragged screaming from the blazing ruins of their home where they were searching for their triplets. Today, the terrified screams of those who lost their lives in that awful tragedy seem to have been captured on time like a photographic image. Cries have been heard around lunch time towards the end of every November, and residents of Eielson have been buzzed by a ghostly fighter jet that passes close overhead before rising up into the clouds and disappearing. 

Flt Jason Hayes was 28 years old and an experienced  pilot who flew a single seater Jaguar fighter jet for the British Royal Air Force at his base in RAF Coltishall in Norfolk, England.

The date was July 25th 2001 and along with half a dozen  members of the RAF's recon squadron who traveled with him to Alaska Jason Hayes was at USAF Eielson. Jason was participating in Operation Cope Thunder - an international exercise where pilots from air forces all around the world took part in simulated ground attacks.

Concerns were raised for Flt Hayes when he failed to return to Eielson at 12.20. Lunchtime came and went but despite attempts to contact him by radio Flt Hayes had disappeared off the radar. Several planes were sent to look for Jason and at 5.50pm that evening parts of his Jaguar jet were found to the east of Eielson near Eagle in the Yukon-Charley River National Reserve on the border with Canada. Flt Hayes' plane had crashed into high ground before 1pm - killing him. In the days that followed wreckage from the jet was recovered from a tributary of the Charley river.

Psychic Investigator Pat Nugent visited Eielson as recently as July 2012 and spent a long time at the spot where Hayes took off on that last fateful day of his life. Nugent - who along with many other retired airmen who once worked at the base, heard the unmistakable sound of the Jaguar's engine eerily echoing around the far end of the runway. Pat Nugent also later confirmed that in his opinion not only has Jason Hayes and his Jaguar left a strong psychic impression at Eielson, but there are also many other ghostly images around the hangars where today's modern F16s are housed - ghostly images of airmen and mechanics dressed in the uniforms of the 1950's working on their phantom planes ! Was Flt Hayes just unusually unlucky to have crashed? Was it bad weather that led to his death? Or was he yet another of those whose path crossed with thenumber 28 - a recurring number that mysteriously keeps on cropping up !


The young Roy Lee Hursey had been with the 501st Air Police Squadron only one year when he was killed in a terrible accident at USAF Eielson during guard duty.

It was late in the evening of Wednesday 27th February 1975 and a cold biting wind was blowing about outside the guard's hut that in those days doubled as a security post. It was warm and cosy inside the hut and Roy joked with his fellow guard. Both of them were looking forward to the end of their shift and getting off duty - another snow storm was predicted for later that evening and the men were keen to get on the road so they could visit a friend who was having a birthday party.

But it wasn't snow that fell out of the sky and killed Roy and his colleague that night,  it was the number 1 engine of a KC135! Among those on board was Capt Richard H Hess. The strato tanker KC135 had taken off a few hundred yards away from the hut just moments before, it was setting off on a re-fueling mission. On board were Hess and six crew members and tons of fuel that exploded almost as soon as the plane took off - a mighty bang reverberated throughout the base as burning fuel and debris from the plane blew all over Eielson. Engine number one scored a direct hit on the guard's hut killing Roy Hursey and his colleague outright. Local homes were damaged. And all seven of the KC135 crew died instantly.

Yet, although Roy and his colleague never did make it to their friend's 28th birthday party Roy's ghost has been seen. On dark winter evenings in the vicinity of the new Hursey Gate witnesses have felt the presence of a man patrolling the area, his shadow has triggered light sensors and guard personnel often keep an eye out for the ghost they call the Guardian of Hursey Gate!


To call Ft Greely 'mysterious' is an understatement, this base is more than haunted - it is positively bristling with all kinds of earth mysteries, apparitions, and paranormal activities including Gremlins and 'time slips' that local residents have known about since the 1960s when the nuclear reactor was built to power Fort Greely and many of the residents moved out.

Maybe it's the contaminated water wells or high levels of radioactivity in basements in local homes and a higher than average rate of cancer and leukemia in the Delta area surrounding Ft Greely that has made people suspicious of this site. All we can be certain of is that things have been seen here - strange and sinister things that have scared people simply because they can't just be explained away. Alien and spacemen figures have been seen inside and outside the base and the roads around the base are known to be home to Gremlins and pale wraiths that flitter out of the darkness and run across the road. There are also sightings of UFOs and tall spectral apparitions that loom menacingly out of the shadows to scare passing drivers.

Many visitors are shocked by the flat depressed aura attached to this site, shadows dance on the roads cars traveldown, the leaves on the trees are dead, and the personnel bear a haunted weary look. A palpable sense of grief seems to cling to Ft Greely, it's a place that holds secrets - secrets that are connected to chemical warfare research, cold war tests, nuclear accidents, illness, and deformed animals that are born with two heads and six legs. Local residents say small grey 'ball shaped' creatures with sharp jagged teeth and fierce faces run across the road in front of cars, while other residents have reported a strange 'magnetic' pull that forces their cars into the middle of the busy road. And strangest of all a Big Foot or Sasquatch has been seen on several occasions running across the fields at the back of the base.

Fatal road accident - One mile from Ft Greely's main gate, Delta Junction, Alaska.

Young, beautiful, popular and with her whole life ahead of her 28 year old driver Tiana Shawver died at 9am on the morning of December 1st 2011 when her red Subaru collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Tiana who was wearing a seat belt worked inside Fort Greely, she was an experienced driver who was familiar with that particular stretch of road yet - inexplicably, her vehicle collided head on - killing her and lightly injuring the 17 year old driver of the other car.

What possible reason could there be for a road accident of this severity? How could two cars collide on an open stretch of deserted road on a crisp clear winter morning? Could the Gremlins inside Greely be the cause of this dreadful accident? Did something paranormal startle the drivers, causing them to crash ? Or, like all the others who succumbed to the number 28 was this young lady simply another victim?

If you have a paranormal account that involves the number 28 or any other recurring number then contact us immediately. All the cases on this page are true. The opinions of the authors  are just that - their own opinions to which they are entitled. All copyright on these stories belongs to the authors and all other information on this page including technical reports, photographs and flight or crash information is widely available in the public domain and may be found on hundreds of different websites on the internet that can be accessed by anyone. 

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